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Adam A. Profile Thumb

Adam A.

10 hours ago

We have a quiet apartment, we love our neighbors, and we had a bit of an emergency earlier this year that required after hours maintenance. They were really easy to get in contact with and took care of us during an emergency.

Anthony T. Profile Thumb

Anthony T.

1 day ago

Overall 49 North is a good place for college students and anyone else who is considering to live here. The only problem is garbage bins need to be emptied more regularly.

Nevaeh F. Profile Thumb

Nevaeh F.

2 days ago

At least the side that I live on, it has been a pretty peaceful experience. I don’t hear too much commotion going on. A few parties every now and then, but that’s all.

Doris M. Profile Thumb

Doris M.

4 days ago

The area is quiet. Roommates are nice. Parking can be challenging. Overall a nice experience. No complaints. It meets my needs for the time being. The rent is reasonable.

Alexis C. Profile Thumb

Alexis C.

5 days ago

Living in 49 north feels like it helps me get a test of what being on my own is like. It helps with responsibility and a lively community of people my age.

Amero C. Profile Thumb

Amero C.

15 days ago

My experience with the apartment complex has been good so far being here would most definitely recommend this to friends has great accommodations here put in place

Thanks for the review, Amero! Let us know if you need anything.

Shennan K. Profile Thumb

Shennan K.

16 days ago

Great bang for your buck. I personally (as a college student) enjoy not having to buy a bedframe, desk, and drawer that I'll have to move around every year.

Thanks Shennan! We are glad to hear you are enjoying your stay!

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