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Masophia G. Profile Thumb

Masophia G.

6 days ago

so far it’s been ok. the lease agents have been great. i will never move into a “as is” unit again. the apt i moved into also smells like smoke which isn’t healthy for me, but i get to move, so i’m happy & trying to be patient.

Chase P. Profile Thumb

Chase P.

7 days ago

I love the community. All of my roommates and I are getting along well and I am ready to be with them soon. I think we will all get along well!

Jarek N. Profile Thumb

Jarek N.

7 days ago

My experience at 49 North has been nothing short of amazing. The staff is expertly helpful and I have enjoyed every minute of my housing experience. The community is an incredible environment.

Laney L. Profile Thumb

Laney L.

19 days ago

Staff is good. Maintenance are inconsiderate and leave messes where they’ve been without cleaning it or coming back to clean it. The safety of the place is something that needs massive improvement ie. gates are left open for randoms, car break-ins happen a lot, shootings... my suggestions are cameras because you have a security person come around a few times but we need something where people can be held accountable for damages or assaults. Keeping the gate closed at ALL times and giving guests codes and that’s IT. Cracking down and being more strict. As for the actual apartments, 10/10 can’t complain. It’s very nice and accommodating, I have absolutely no issue living here again IF safety was handled more.

Hi Laney! Thank you for the feedback. Please feel free to reach out to our staff and provide more information on maintenance and security so we can adequately help you! We definitely want our residents to feel happy and safe in their homes. Have a great week!

Kaleb H. Profile Thumb

Kaleb H.

28 days ago

Never had an issue living here. Staff is nice. 5 stars isnt there because of the cheap and uncomfortable furniture in all the rooms/livingroom.

Hi Kaleb! We have happy you have not had any issues while staying here! We understand that the one-style-fits-all approach to providing furnished apartments may not be the perfect fit for 100% of our residents, which is why we also have many unfurnished options available as part of our leasing options. Please feel free to contact the office to determine if one of these options is appropriate for your needs. Thanks so much!

Florence S. Profile Thumb

Florence S.

29 days ago

My personal experience as a tenant at 49NORTH has been filled with warmth especially from the admin team bless you guys you are the best! I look forward to another peaceful uplifting year ahead. Thank you so much for all your kind assistance. Florence Shavi

Hi Florence! We are so happy to hear you have enjoyed your stay and chose to stay another year! As always, let us know if you ever need anything. Thanks!

William H. Profile Thumb

William H.

1 month ago

My resurgent experience has been great so far. I have everything that I want and I’m glad that they fixed the WiFi because it it so much better!

Hi William! We are excited to hear you are having a good experience! Have a great week.

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