Ashley E. Profile Thumb

Ashley E.

1 day ago

Since I’ve been living here I haven’t had any negative experiences. The staff is very friendly and accommodating for whatever I’ve needed. I really enjoy my room space.

Kirsten W. Profile Thumb

Kirsten W.

10 days ago

The townhomes are affordable, I wouldn’t hang around outside a night if I were alone. Maintenance crew is very friendly - just be patient with them because they are busy helping other people too. I wish there was a stronger sense of security, even with the gates people can still drive or walk in if they don’t live here. Visitor parking is very limited and always packed on the weekends so if you have family or friends visiting make sure you plan accordingly.

Gabrielle L. Profile Thumb

Gabrielle L.

20 days ago

The first year at 49 North was good. The office staff in person are always kind and relaxed. However in the last 6 months it feels as though management doesn't care to communicate with residents or resolve ongoing issues such as safety and crime, amenities like the pool, or the gate which is constantly broken. Instead of fixing problems like the pool having glass they cut pool hours to working hours and I can never go now. The gate is never working correctly and there have been more officers in our complex in the last month than I've ever seen and we didn't even receive an email. I found out about a news article and an arrest within our complex through a friend who saw it on TV. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate 49 North and I'm grateful for the time I lived here but it's got a lot of improving to do to be considered a safe or reliable place to live after recent events, in my opinion.

DeeAndra M. Profile Thumb

DeeAndra M.

1 month ago

This has been the best apartment complex I’ve ever had the chance reside on. Such a loving community with caring staff! The events in the office are always fun.

Shayla B. Profile Thumb

Shayla B.

2 months ago

I like staying at 49 North. My roommates are nice and we have a good time together. I love the pool! Now that it’s hot we go out and have a great time & the gym is nice too!

Erin B. Profile Thumb

Erin B.

2 months ago

Changed pool hours for the summer to basically non-usable hours, not even open majority of the weekend. Apartment was nice but not cleaned when we moved in found moldy food in cabinets. Staff is nice and prompt.

Darian L. Profile Thumb

Darian L.

2 months ago

It’s an okay place to live at. There is a lot of stuff that you can do. Maintenance does take some time, I wish it was a little faster. It’s a beautiful place to live at.

Evelyn G. Profile Thumb

Evelyn G.

2 months ago

Quiet apartment. I’ve enjoyed my stay. Pet rent and fee is one of the highest in all of the local student housing with absolutely no amenities to show for it. I haven’t even seen the stations in which you can take a bag and discard poop. If you love your pet and want to live with it without paying a ridiculous amount for no pet amenities, I recommend living somewhere else.

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