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Brandon S.

4 days ago

There once was a man from Peru. Who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke up at night. With a terrible fright. To find out his dream had come true!

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Blake S.

4 days ago

Very well environment, except this year with the shooting happening a couple doors down. Just hope that everything can be handled with care and we won't have to worry about it again.

Hi Brandon! Thanks for your feedback. We have made several changes since this incident to improve security. I'd be happy to sit down and go over those changes with you! Please email me at so we can arrange a time. Have a wonderful day!

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5 days ago

So far it is pleasant! It has everything I need in one space so I can’t complain much! My only real complaint is the carpet was not vacuumed on my move in date! I think when you move into a place it should be clean. But after I cleaned everything it’s been a great experience this far

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately because you subleased, the cleaning responsibility falls on the person you sublet from. We are saddened that person did not prepare the unit for you. Please let us know if there is anything 49 North can assist you with further.

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Jose S.

11 days ago

Been here for almost 3 months and its been ok. Its cheaper than most other places and the staff do their best to address the problems that arise. It just a shame its located in kind of a rough area

Hi Jose, Thank you for your feedback. I would like to sit down and discuss the concerns you are having with our community. Please email me at so we can arrange a time to chat. Thank you!

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Ashley E.

18 days ago

Not a problem with any neighbors, everyone respects each other’s space. Love the people who work in the office at the club house they are so helpful!

Hi Ashley, thanks for the feedback!

book*@*.com Profile Thumb


21 days ago

Despite all that’s been going on, I’m lucky enough to say I haven’t encountered any obstacles living here at 49 North. I really enjoy using the pool area

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Jessica K.

23 days ago

I have had trouble living with my roommates. I know that we do not have campus living where the RA checks on students but this is the first time I have lived somewhere that doesn't check on their residents. I don't have that much schooling left and the transfer process to another unit has ran smoothly, which I appreciate so much.

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