Ariana M. Profile Thumb

Ariana M.

5 days ago

Overall my experience has been fine. It was a bit of a fixer upper when I moved into my unit but so far so good. The shooting incident was definitely a scare.

Alice C. Profile Thumb

Alice C.

5 days ago

1. The time of the last shuttle is not as same as the schedule. 2. The room is comfortable but I think if there is a screen window, the room will be better.

Olivia S. Profile Thumb

Olivia S.

5 days ago

Maintenance takes a long time to complete. Unorganized in policies and procedures. Staff is really nice and helpful. Access to free printing is a plus.

Amanda H. Profile Thumb

Amanda H.

5 days ago

All in all I'm happy to call this complex home. The staff, including maintenance and the shuttle driver, are all very friendly, helpful and efficient. Had some maintenance issues at first. The worst of them being a washer malfunction that took three weeks to fix. However, that wasn't the complex's fault as the washer needed a new part, and we were offered compensation. Front gate was broken for a while and never closed, but that's now in working order. WiFi is pretty bad, but they're switching companies. 49 North has some issues but they've proven that they're serious about hearing feedback and improving.

Evelyn G. Profile Thumb

Evelyn G.

5 days ago

Pros: -Rent is relatively cheap -Maintenance works quickly -Although I haven't been to the office in months, the staff was friendly in that time period -Pool, volleyball court, basic gym -When there is parking, it's right at your door step -Furniture and flooring in new apartments is beautiful Cons: -There has been some violence in the complex, enough to have you nervous to walk to your door at night -Amenities are basic -Issues might have to be addressed multiple times before it is truly resolved/fixed

Jaslyn E. Profile Thumb

Jaslyn E.

6 days ago

Convenient location and great place for the price but there are some areas for improvement such as the parking. Other than the parking, everything else has been good here.

Hi Jaslyn, thanks so much for your feedback! Please let us know if you need anything in the future :)

Nixon C. Profile Thumb

Nixon C.

7 days ago

For a low cost apartment. It is ok. Rough around the edges for some parts such as rooms need to Be properly evaluated before the resident moves in but other than that it is ok

Hi Nixon, thank you for your feedback. If there are any outstanding maintenacne issues, please email them to me directly at Thank you!

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